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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 23, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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to take a nap on top of a car. the sea lion in washington checking out the crowd gathering around him before laying back down and going to sleep. got to do what you got to do. clayton: how do you get a sea lion off of your car? "fox & friends" stars right now. >> there is obsession by the media to delegitimize this president. we are not going to sit around and let it happen. >> ridiculous said by our press secretary and our president. that's not your job. you are supposed to be a news owe person not a i -- >> i have been in bed. i have hurricanes. nothing as bad as this. >> we are not here to help ourselves. we are here to devote ourselves t to the national good. >> late word, congressional republicans have prepared their plans to replace obamacare. they are calling it the patient's freedom act. this is only the beginning of what will be an action-packed
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first week for president trump. >> ryan, flips it. touch down, atlanta. touchdown, touchdown. touchdown atlanta. the atlanta falcons nfc champions on to super bowl 51. >> >> i touchdown. >> the new england patriots have a date with atlanta. new england is going back to the super bowl. ♪ have a nice day ♪ have a nice day you. brian: atlanta and new england having a really nice monday. steve: no kidding. brian: plane as upbeat as president trump feels on this monday. two games great for the victorious team not but not great for the nfl two. blowouts. you. ainsley: who are you pulling
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for. steve: chris hogan was the guy on peter doocy's soccer team. he weighs a lacrosse player until somebody in our town said you ought to try out for football. turches out is he pretty good at it. ainsley: one of those athletes good at every sport. who are you pulling for. brian: the giants. are they out of it. steve: kansas city chief. ainsley: who were you pulling for between the two teams? brian: i was watching to see who we would be covering. we will be covering it. what i love is bob craft someone of the great owners in sports and is he conversational. he likes the media there is an excellent chance we'll be able to talk to him. he was also at inauguration week. steve: he was everywhere. ainsley: i'm from the south i'm going to pull from the south even though i think tom brady is really good looking. brian: so does the floor manager. ainsley: that's how i decide. steve: we're in a tough spot because we know we have a lot of atlanta fans and boston fans. we are right down the middle fair and balanced, baby. ainsley: today is first full
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day that donald trump is request president of the united states. brian: fox news viewers got great news. turns outs fox is not only the number one cable news choice for everybody watching the inauguration. number one choice of, including the broadcast channels. ainsley: well, thank you, guys for watching. we appreciate. not first full day but first full work day. brian: meanwhile president trump kicking off first week in office with a very busy schedule. steve: his docket with packed with meetings and executive actions despite democrats delaying the confirmation of portions of his cabinet. that's just today. he he. ainsley: cabinet is small because democrats won't confirm. white house correspondent kevin corke joins us live from the white house. i hey, kevin. >> reporter: always great to talk to you. you are right. ambitious week ahead for president trump. let me give you a sense what's on tap. as you pointed out, doocy, there is so much to talk about. i will try to boil it down here for 60 seconds or. so first things first,
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obviously is he going to try to get things done with congressional leaders. they are going to talk about the affordable care act to do what they can do to repeal and replace it potential new name for what could come after. executive actions on immigration and trade. meetings with theresa may coming up in the week. process of renegotiating nafta. we have been talking about the delays in the confirmations. the president's pick for secretary of state rex tillerson looks like is he going to make it over the finish line despite some concerns over aled ties with moscow. this is all part of a week, if you will, of political fisticuffs coming up here in washington. >> we call it the swamp cabinet billionaires and bankers. the number of wealthy people. the number of people rife with conflicts of interest. and the number of people who have disagreed with what trump has campaigned on is so much more than any other cabinet we've seen. >> i believe we will be able to confirm the president's entire cabinet. there is great enthusiasm.
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>> even rex tillerson for state. >> yes. >> who three republicans have expressed reservations. >> i'm optimistic we will get every member of the cabinet. >> three at that point. but now that's down to maybe just one because as you probably have heard reported both john mccain and lindsey graham said they will, in fact, backed can kansas of the nomination of the secretary of state rex tillerson. i will be here for you all week. i'll have all the details. back to you. steve: you have a windy first day there, kevin as big storms come through. thanks for that. ainsley: thanks, kevin. steve: the democrats and incoming administration had a deal. the democrats in the senate on wednesday and thursday that donald trump would get at least three cabinet members confirmed the day of his inauguration. but at the 11th hour chuck schumer changed the deal. he said you know what, mr. plaintiff's exhibit, donald trump you only get two. that's why mike pompeo who was supposed to be confirmed a couple days ago will be today. just politics by the
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democrats. not getting off on a right foot. brian: had a a problem with something they said on 2016. brawl on friday. getting confirmed on monday. steve: numbers deal. brian: message to the president. when you go inside of the cia you won't be able to do what you wanted to do that is swear in the nominee for the cia. won with saturday. very effective. look at who else. wilbur wros get his vote on tuesday as well as elaine chao. mitch mcconnell's wife and did a good job for president bush. ainsley: did he swear in staff yesterday at the white house. those folks don't have to be sworn in by the senate. swore in anyone working as aids. jared curbner. i kellyanne conway. steve: those people right there. brian: not about you. it's about the country. here it is. >> my inaugural address. this is not about party. this is not about ideology.
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this is about country, our country. and it's about serving the american people. we're not here to help ourselves. we're here to devote ourselves to the national good. steve: well, that is great. meanwhile, of course, and we told you this was going to happen, the political left and, of course, the mainstream media doing anything they can to discredit the incoming administration. one of the early stories on saturday was about how the reporters had gone into the oval office and had seen that the martin luther king bust is gone and in its place was the winston churchill bust that simply was not true. they were both there in the oval office. brian. steve: that was something that the "time" magazine guy simply got wrong. brian: he apologized for it on a tweet. ainsley: he missed it to set the narrative, if you read the story and you don't realize there was an apology later. then you think that's really what happened.
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so you z got to be careful when you are a journalist to report accurate information. brian: that's true, ainsley. that was one area in which the trump administration had a problem. also had a problem donald trump said on saturday there was misperception that donald trump had a problem with the intelligence agencies. he said i always have your back to the point you will be sick of me having your back too much. he feels like he healed things to that way. when it came to the size of the crowd that came to see him on inauguration day as compared to 2009, he felt as though and there is friday's crowd on the right. and obviously in 2009 the crowd looks a lot bigger. it's biggest, maybe for any inauguration ever in 2009. and so donald trump says i don't think it's been reported accurately this whole story. ainsley: it wasn't a time stamp on it that picture could have been taken four hours before the inauguration actually starterred. who knows. that picture needed to be taken at the exact same time. honest liberation does middle america, many of them can't afford to fly to washington to go.
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that was back when president obama was he being inaugurated, you will get a bigger crowd you i. brian: president trump comparing the two. donald trump said is he getting a raw deal ainsley ainsley cnn was putting up both the pictures next to each other and saying there weren't as many people at donald trump's inauguration. middle america e a lot of them can't fly to washington. they don't care if they are there. steve: pictures are important to the left. political people on the political right say so what? what we want from this president is jobs, jobs, jobs. president obama had a gigantic crowd. does equal a great presidency and legacy. look back last eight eight years, was that good for you. kellyanne conway sat down with chuck todd yesterday it was contentious. they were going back and forth over things that sean spicer had said the day before and the fake news regarding the churchill bust and martin luther king bust. here's 37 seconds of the back and forth. >> we allowed the press to
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come into the oval office and witness president trump signing executive order. what happened almost immediately. a falsehood is told about remeefing the bust of martin luther king jr. from the oval office. that's just flat out false. >> and it was corrected immediately. kellyanne. >> chuck, why was it said in the first place? >> i don't know. >> everybody so presumptively negative. >> climb ahead of that reporter. >> oh, excuse me, that falsehood, that spread 3,000 times before it was corrected. >> excuse me, it does not excuse and did you not answer the question. brian: went on for minutes. i thought chuck todd was totally rattled by the end of it. steve: she had a good point. brian: i just don't think that it was even a big deal the sides of the crowd. the size of the crowd was huge. one of the biggest crowds i was able to witness as compared to 2009 it wasn't as as 2009. wheafs the big deal?
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that was historic ps in 2009. this is also history making but most of his history is going to be made what he dose in the four years. steve: last four months the media has been trying to delegitimize donald trump. oh he took out the martin luther king bust bust, he didn't get a big crowd. one thing for certain no one in modern political history i got the size of the israelite crowds that donald trump did. just no question. now on this first monday going forward, what kind of a job is he going to do for the people of the united states? that is what matters. brian: not playing small ball. as of told heather childers thanks so much. heather: good morning. and good morning to everyone at home. we have wild weather we are looking at right now. millions of americans waking up in the path of a deadly storm that has claimed at last 19 lice from louisiana to georgia. a tornadoes watch just cancelled for south florida though. that's good news. parts of miami-dade county spared from mother nature's fury. well, a state emergency though remains in effect for parts of
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georgia. that's where crews are still searching for survivors. that storm system now barreling up the east coast, expected to bring hurricane speed winds, rain, hail, and even snow to the northeast. and a computer glitch sparking a travel nightmare halting all nationwide united flights foyer several hours overnight. the airline tweeting out the news blaming an it issue which grounded more than 200 flights. united now saying that everything is back up and running again. but travelers should expect some delays. and republicans taking the next step to replace obamacare this morning. senators bill cassidy and susan collins will unveil their healthcare plan at the capitol. it's called the patient freedom act of 2017. the senators say that it will return power to the states, increase choice of affordable care, and start to bring coverage for the nearly 30 million americans who don't have insurance. and finally, the super bowl matchup is set. tom brady leading the patriots
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back to the title game crunching the steelers 36-17. falcons torched the packers 44-21. super bowl 51 kicks off in houston in 13 days right here on fox. we just found out who is singing the national anthem. >> hey, guys, it's like brian here. i'm so excited to announce that i will be performing the national anthem at super bowl 51. heather: we're excited too. luke bryan will do the honors. he is the first man to perform the anthem in 10 years. didn't know that. that's interesting piece of trivia there. brian: last one to sing the national anthem. ainsley: look forward to it. brian: heather, thank you. heather: you're welcome. ainsley: team trump laying out a big week ahead. >> we're going to talk about trade. we're going to talk about that a little bit more tomorrow. i think we are going to talk about immigration this week. wee value time of national security. ainsley: so what will the
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president tackle first? we will take a look. steve: woman trapped inside a burning car a police officer desperately trying to bash in the window to save her. the incredible rescue with just seconds to spare coming up. ♪ and they say that a hero could save us ♪ i'm not going to stand here and wait its off ♪ so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack because safety is never being satisfied. with 4motion all-wheel drive. soon to be... everywhere.
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are you ready?? you gotta be ready. ♪ oh, i'm ready i mean, really ready. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats-spotless. the uniforms, clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. ♪ i'm ready for you everybody wants a piece of ready. cintas, ready for the workday. >> i this week we're going to talk about trade.
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i think we are going to talk about that a little bit more tomorrow. i think we are going to talk about immigration this week. i think we have a time of national security, a conversation about that. obviously with general mattis. >> will he undo some of the obama executive orders. >> i think we'll see more of that coming this week, executive weeks on those three topics. steve: there you have white house chief of staff reince priebus sworn in yesterday outlining the first week of the president trump administration. but what should supporters expect over the first 100 days? the next three months. joining us right now is peyton, staff writer for the federalist. good morning, bree. >> good morning to you. steve: you know, mainstream media all tied up in inauguration numbers and stuff like that people who showed up. people really care about the guy showing up for work this morning at 1600 pennsylvania avenue because they want to see this guy get a lot done, right? >> oh, completely, right? they voted for him because they want change. they want him to undo a lot of
3:19 am
the terrible aspects o of the obama legacy which has made life difficult and hard for them. i think we can expect to start seeing a lot of changes very soon. he has made a light of announcements over the weekend regarding trade and foreign policy. keeping reporters like you and i on our toes. steve: let's talk about a cup bell of them. immigration. what do you with immigration, quickly? >> sure. well, with general kelly already confirmed and we know that he is going to meet with g.o.p. legislators on on their retreat later this week. we can see talks about a long-term solution going forward. reince priebus said yesterday that they're not planning on deporting all of the dreamers that are here in mass, right? i think it's pretty clear that the government just quite simply doesn't know where they are when obama decided to throw up the doors town accompanied minors in 2012. lost track where these kids are, right? tefnsd, when we're talking about illegal immigrants living here, the government
3:20 am
quite simply doesn't know where they're. i don't think we will start seeing deportations any time soon. i think we can start to expect seeing talks for long-term solution. steve: regarding trade a lot of it has to do with jobs. you look at that big chinese company fox con is going to invest $7 billion dislal displaying in this country. that's a plus for this president. >> absolutely. planning to meet with the president of mexico later this week renegotiate nafta. bring relief to the companies like the one that my dad owns, whenever he has he to buy parts, hot runners from canada cost him 30% more than it does from a company from china created across the pacific. a lot of that has to do with the nafta deal. hopefully he will start to get that renegotiated and get us better deals, people like my dad. steve: it all starts today i let's see how he does. bree, thank you for joining us from our nation's capitol. >> thank you so much for having me. steve: come up on this first monday of the trump administration, the president
3:21 am
got a rousing welcome at langley, the cia headquarters over the weekend. does this prove the outgoing cia boss was playing politics with intel, maybe leaking? we'll talk to two former cia guy us next. ♪ you ain't seen nothing yet ♪ baby, you just ain't seen
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ainsley: time for a quick check of your headlines. the second suspect in a deadly botched mall jewelry store robbery is now behind bars. police in stone texa san antoni, shot and killed by one of the robbers. a second buy standers who slnsed to carry shooting and injuring one of those suspects. the other was caught a few hours later. and a man arrested for trying to blow up a cop car with an officer inside. the suspect who police say, police in boston say is
3:25 am
homeless, caught on vurels video throwing a propane tank and fireworks. the quick thinking cop moved the car with only moments to spare. brian? brian: all right, ainsley. the president trump winning over the crowd at cia headquarters saturday. >> we are all on the same wavelength, folks. i have a running war with the media they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. [laughter] [cheers and applause] right? and they sort of made it sound like i had a feud with the intelligence community. and i just want to let you know. the reason you are the number one stop it's exactly the opposite. brian: pick mike pompeo. is this the time to start up a beautiful friendship. or is there more the president needs to do. get reaction from two people who used to work for the agency. bob sexton and former cia operative brian dean wright.
3:26 am
brian, i'll start with you. you did not like this appearance? >> i sure didn't. what i was hoping for was a president to show up. and what we got was a within a democrat there were certainly good things that the audience appreciated and i appreciated. what he did was bragged about how smart he was, how young he was. he even reference you had the fact that maybe we should go back into iraq and get some oil. those spies have worked very hard and long to stabilize that country dry. we have lost a lot of the people. so folks represented on that wall behind president trump those stars died in iraq. those kinds of things weren't appropriate. i have to say, you know, there was no mention of the russian intel piece, you know, proximate result president trump slammed that assessment. that was wrong. he should have acknowledged it and said that he should have done things different. brian brian possibly. now, buck, that was about three minutes of a much longer address. overall, did you like the tone? >> well, i think you were getting trump being trump. he speaks the way that people actually speak to each over. he gave that address off the cuff. it wasn't prepared rearks. this wasn't remarks that he
3:27 am
was reading off of a prompter. he said he was behind the agency 1,000%. he said that he loves them. he says he will support them so much they won't want his support anymore. he clearly was doing this on his first full day in office, his first major stop because he wants to address the media narrative that he doesn't like the intelligence community. he doesn't like leaks from senior intelligence officers to people in the press, specifically intended to underminority trump administration before it even takes office. but, he obviously has a very healthy respect for the intel community. he wanted to make that clear. i think he made it as clear he's could, and people who don't like the way that trump is are never going to like the way he gives speeches because he just says what's on his mind. but a lot of people i think, find that refreshing. i'm sure some the rank and file, not necessarily the seventh floor langley thought it was a speech they needed to hear. brian: big picture u time to capture people capture them. time to interrogate them, intear get them. might use gitmo again.
3:28 am
you think get more respect than they have had over the last 8 years. >> what you will see is what they have done in the past and they will continue to do. which they will salute the president. the constitution, the american people. whether they like him or not, they will salute their president. that someone of the wonderful things about the folks in the agency. brian: are they going to get some additional support aside from the salute what they really feel? do you think this is pronts, buck? john brennan through his spokesperson said i'm angered at trump's display of trump's aggrandizement memorial wall of the agency u obviously the heroes behind him. do you really feel john brennan is appropriate for him to attack the president? >> no. but it's not surprising at all. brennan is widely known, including by contacts of mine inside the ic of langley as a very partisan individual who is an obama loyalist and people have real questions how sowvment information that got out that undermined the administration made its way to the press in the first place.
3:29 am
some whispered brennan's name some saying it out loud. not helpful and not surprising. brian: brian, do you get the sense that mike pompeo is going to be embraced by the community. >> he absolutely will. he has got a lot of the respect what we call on the seventh floor as well as rank and file. i have think he will do a good job. brian: thanks so much. buck sexton is wright, buck and dean wright, thanks so much. >> you bet. brian: carve in flames with a woman caught inside you. the rescue that you are witnessing now. we will have the details next. plus, think were always on trump's radar. >> i'm going to bring jobs back from china. they are taking our jobs. they are taking our wealth. they are taking our base. brian: stuart varney woke up and is he here talk about jobs coming from china to america. but, first, happy birthday to
3:30 am
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steve: millions of americans are waking up on this monday morning in the path of a big storm that has proven to be deadly. ainsley: tornadoes tear ago path from coast to coast claiming at least 1 lives. and that same deadly storm system is now barreling up the east coast. brian: janice dean has everything you need to know before heading out the door today. hey, janice. janice: very windy along the coast. same system that brought over two dozen tornadoes to the south. look at the maps and show you the latest radar where we had over a dozen radars last night georgia, mississippi, alabama, louisiana, florida.
3:34 am
we had earlier tornado watch. that has expired which is great news. all thaf energy is going to now move up the northeast coast. and this is going to bring a myriad of problems. wind gusts in excess of hurricane force. interior sections. heavy rainfall, coastal flooding. i mean, it's the equivalent of category 1 hurricane in some cases. so people need to be on alert because this is going to be big deal across the northeast. travel could be potentially crippled. move ahead and see if i can do that with my maps. come on, maps. i will just tell that you this storm is on the move. it will move up toward the northeast. again, wind gusts in excess of 70 miles per hour. the worst of it coming overnight tonight. so, again, if you you are traveling across the northeast, you need to be on alert because things are going to get difficult starting this morning. back inside. heather? steve: all right. thank you very much, janice. i set my notifications to florida, it woke me up three times last night because of the tornado watches and
3:35 am
warnings in palm beach, florida. crazy. ainsley: my sister is supposed to fly back down south later today. steve: if you are going to the airport, check ahead. ainsley: all right. we will. steve: 25 minutes before the top of the hour u you heather is joining us today with headlines. heather: good morning. we have good news to tell everyone at home this 3406r7b8g9 the former first family making a strong recovery. barbara bush could be released from a houston hospital as early as today after fighting bronchitis. she was cleared to go home yesterday but chose to stay with her husband overnight. former president bush 41 could be moved out of intensive care in the next day or two we're told. the 92-year-old has been hospitalized for more than a week with pneumonia. and pulse pounding body camera video look at this, showing the moment officer risked his own life pulling a woman out of a car on fire. >> come on.
3:36 am
come on. move, move, move. >> anyone else in the car? >> no. >> amazing. the flames dangerously close to the officer? washington state. you can see him bashing into the driver's window and then pulling her out. both the woman and the officer are okay. so good news for them. president trump showing his true generosity meeting one of his campaign volunteers at the inauguration and giving him $10,000 check for his dad's chemo treatment. even calling his father on the phone. >> hey, don, you have a great guy. you just take care of yourself. if i can do something, you let me know, okay? >> shane joins "fox & friends" later this morning to share the experience of a lifetime. looking forward to that. those are your headlines so far. ainsley: looking forward to that one of you oil president
3:37 am
trump's campaign promises. >> i will bring back our jobs from china, from mexico, from japan, from so many places. i will bring back our jobs and i will bring back our money. >> i'm going to bring jobs back from china. they are taking our jobs. they're taking our wealth. they're taking our base. >> before i'm finished i guarantee you that we will have apple products made in the united states, not in china. steve: turns out that could be true. with just two days after his america first snawrlg speech the world's largest contract maker fox con is considering a $7 billion plant to do displace, electronic displace here in the united states. joining us right now with reaction is stuart varney, the host of varney and company. this is big news but i think see saw a little of it about a month and a half ago when that guy from soft bank from japan came out. held that up think. >> where the story came from. on friday, mr. trump goes up america first. the ringing message.
3:38 am
48 hours later. fox con. the largest manufacturer and assembler of electronics in the world. 7 billion-dollar plant is going to be probably coming to the united states. along with maybe a plant in pennsylvania as well. a molding plant as it's called. all of this 48 hours after president trump says america first. his pressure, his push to bring jobs to america. it's a success. it's a success story. brian: push by apple? >> fox con is tied with apple. they are basically partners in this deal. they are responding directly to what president trump said. brian: caveats are. >> all of this noise coming out of washington. brian: going to be on tax reform. going to get that done. state and federal tax reform. >> now, hold on a second. president trump meets today with business leaders and union leaders and i've heard from senior trump advisors that we're going to get corporate tax rate cuts.
3:39 am
they're going to be formalized in july or august. but then back dated to january the 1st. steve: great. >> that means businesses can now plan for tax cuts and full expensing of their investments as right now. that's a huge push towards economic growth and jobs in america. ainsley: what are the markets going to look like this week. this is his first basically full work day as president of the united states. >> be on dangerous ground. are you asking me to forecast the stoockets? steve: that's right. and today's lotto ticket numbers. >> future are dead flat at this moment. think come from a minus 30 or 40 to dead flat. i think investors are looking forward to the point where we get tax cuts for individuals, tax cuts for business, and less regulation. that's why the stock market has gone up so much in the last couple of months since the election. steve: sure, you know the democrats in the senate are in a pickle. because while they would like to stop donald trump, at the same time, is he going to make the argument to the american people, look, you know, the
3:40 am
democrats are trying stop me with taxes and the jobs. do you really want that, folks? >> 10 into the democrats are up for re-election in 2018. less than two years away from now. if mr. trump's policies on expanding the economy are successful, those 10 senate democrats had better get behind what is he doing now or they face real trouble two years hence. brian: one of the most intriguing is the stance of unions. when you crack down on international trade deals like nafta and say tpp is not for me, that is what the unions wanted to hear. they are about american workers, right? >> president trump meets with union leaders today in the white house. this is all part of that same plan. get business, unions on the side of growth, jobs in america, america first. this is going forward. i say it again. ignore the political noise coming out of washington. about the march media. steve: who cares. >> ignore that and look at what is going on under the surface here.
3:41 am
this is real progress. ainsley: is he meeting with leaders from other countries. meetings with american workers. >> he will meet with theresa may, britain's prime minister on friday of this week. there is talk of a deal, a trade deal, britain and america. in early february he meets with canada's prime minister in mexico's president. steve: this just in donald trump tweet two minutes ago busy week planned with a who he heavy focus on jobs and national security, top executives coming in at 9:00 a.m. to talk manufacturing in america. >> it starts now. it stearated already. we're off, we're running. brian: stuart varney watch you today between 9:00 and noon on fox business. is that okay? >> please. brian: coming up, what do celebrities do if their candidate happens to lose an election? >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house, but i know that this won't change anything. brian: madonna. the secret service would like a word with you.
3:42 am
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3:45 am
i feel like this was the right way for me and the right treatment for me. at cancer treatment centers of america, we treat cancer, every stage, every day. call or go to appointments available now. ainsley: well, some celebrities taking it a little too far in their speeches at women's marches this weekend. listen. >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. the platform of hate and division assumed power yesterday. but the president is not america. >> trump takes power. [crowd boos] >> i don't think so. ainsley: a. listers joining the hundreds of thousands of people filling the streets in cities all across the world to
3:46 am
protest the new president. do these i resonate. here to weigh in on this conservative of crystal wright. good morning, crystal. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: what were your thoughts when you saw the coverage of all these marchs in different cities around the world? >> well, my first thought was how privileged these women, these liberal women were. they could walk around in their pink pussy hats, raging about how women have no rights. really? meanwhile most women in america, most working women and 16 million women living in poverty shook their heads, ainsley, because they're worried about the lack of jobs, unaffordable healthcare and illegal immigration. they don't have the luxury to parade around with whiney pmsing celebrities spewing hate toward our president-elect. ashley judd, madonna, you showed, you know, some sound bites from these nasty, nasty
3:47 am
rich hollywood celebrities who are upset that hillary didn't win. guess what, get over it? >> that's what a lot of conservatives that voted for trump are saying. listen, you are allowed to have a different opinion. you are allowed to protest in peace and nonviolence. what they don't like about donald trump seems mild in comparison to what some of these celebrities are suggesting. madonna saying she has thought a lot about blowing up the white house? i mean, lives would be lost if that happened. she is talking about assassinating the president. >> correct, ainsley. and when i watched some the clips from this march yesterday and when i heard madonna suggest that she wants to blow up the white house, the symbol of power, not only to america, but to the world, i shuttered. i was dismayed. and you know what? they don't -- none of those women represent me. what i thought was really ironic about this so-called march for women, flight it was supposed to be peaceful, it was full of hate and outrage, and i didn't see a lot of diversity.
3:48 am
i saw a lot of white gay women, straight women, liberals whining and complaining that they didn't even know what they were complaining about. they just hate the fact that donald trump won this election in a democrat way and they refused to allow the peaceful transition of power. and, like madonna said e nothing is going to change. so why are you guys marching? why don't did you go spend your time at a homeless shelter for battered women? ainsley: that's what kellyanne conway said in an interview. >> flight. ainsley: said if madonna would go help women from women's cheryl's would do more good. "time" magazine reporting saying the mlk bust was removed from the oval office, which wasn't true. >> i know a little something about mlk because my parents grew up during segregation and this is just another example of the liberal media trying to cast president donald trump as a racist when he is not.
3:49 am
if trump was black obama, the liberal media wouldn't be searching out, you know, hunting down racism, right? trying to fabricate lies. donald trump is not a racist. get what, mlk's bust is alive and well in the white house along with churchill's. again, when is the liberal media and america going to get over it? those who didn't vote for donald trump. is he our president. is he already doing great things in the first 8 hours that he has been pet than president obama did did in eight years. simmer down guys. ainsley: "time" magazine reporter did apologize. >> that's not really enough when you are trying to disz page our commander-in-chief. ainsley: thank you, crystal have. great day. >> thanks. ainsley: former new york city mayor rudy giuliani who just took a role in the trump administration, he's going to be here live. chances are, you have got a jar of spare change laying around your house somewhere. what if you found out. so coins were worth thousands of dollars, maybe even millions of dollars?
3:50 am
jamie colby is here with the story behind her latest strange inheritance coming up next. there is our beautiful friend jamie. come on in. ♪ forget about the bright day ♪ ain't about the
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
brian: all right. the hit tv series strange inheritance is back for season three on the fox business network with two brand new episodes airing tonight. steve: here to tell us more is the host of strange inheritance on sister business network jamie colby. i love this first story you are going to tell us about. somebody worked where they make the pen yes, sir. every once in a while there would be a bad penny so to speak. what happened to those. >> i learned a lot about news sometimes they are error coins hit wrong on the stamp.
3:54 am
listen to this setup and i will tell you the story. steve: all right. >> well, they can't be very valuable, i guess, if they're still sitting here a ziploc. >> well, those particular ones aren't, necessarily. but there was one in that bag that was quite valuable. >> where is it? can i see it. >> well, i don't have it. >> huh? >> there is a little bit of a story. steve: well, what happened to ito it? >> he had it. i'm going to check this bag, too. i walk into this house and this is what i see. after years and years in the desk drawer. his father worked at the den mint. he decides to on a whim go to a coin shop. an aluminum penny when the government was thinking of switching from copper. turns out to be potentially worth millions. doesn't have the coin anymore. somebody took it away. pay. ainsley: who? >> you have got watch tonight and find out. brian: wow. ainsley: people say now i'm keeping my coins and dolls and keeping them in the boxes because they watch the show.
3:55 am
>> original box does help out. second episode tonight is about a woman who was an iconic panam stuart des, can i call her stewardess because in those day there were real flight attendants. traveled all effort world. took her $10 per diem that she got from the airline and bought beads. beads all over the world. even had a connection toift dolly lomdoll dali lambma. one peed 5,000 years old. her niece and sister went into the house and she was a hoarder of beads. this is one of the necklaces she had made out of these beads. they are from all over the world. 5,000 years old worth a fortune. brian: we have to hit more on that back ground. >> we have got some happy people on the show tonight. 11 of the new 28 episodes are from viewer submissions. you guys wrote me at jamie strange inhair tant next thing you know i was showing up in your kitchen. brian: just like that. steve: seems like during the course of people's lives they latch on to something. i'm going to collect
3:56 am
something. dust. believe me. i feel like a lot of dust. people save cat statues or dog things or something like that. and next thing you know they have a whole bunch of them. >> we have a pet episode. we have chimps. i me orangutan named pong go. sanctuary. he has a crush on me i'm told. woman inherited directfully jane austin five time removed grand niece. wait until you hear the story. bought by u.s. western singer. she doesn't have the ring either. someone took it from her. brian: watch strange inhair tant tonight on fox. piivel don't forget rudy giuliani kicks off the next hour and we have so much more planned ahead as donald trump gets starterred on day one of four years of his administration. come on, in rudy. ♪ every girl's crazy about a
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> there is obsession by the media to delegitimize this president. >> your job is not to call things ridiculous. you are supposed to be a news person not a opinion columnist. >> millions of americans waking up in the path of a deadly storm that has claimed at least 19 lives. >> i have been in hurricane but nothing as bad as this. >> late word congressional republicans have their plan to replace obamacare they are calling it the patient's freedom act. >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> this so-called march for women, it was full of hate and outrage. >> why don't did you go spend your time at a homeless
4:01 am
shelter for battered women. >> ryan flushed out. ♪ just another manic monday ♪ wish it were sunday steve: push the stop button. brian: hard to explain that shuffle pass. such brilliant move we had to slow it down for you. that is a look at the street. the street of, i guess a trumpless new york city for the first time in a long time. avenues of the americas. here we are talking about a new president for the americas with rudy giuliani who has known donald trump for a very long time. he was part of the festivities down there. behind the scenes. tell us -- give us some color. tell us something we don't know that happened over the last five days. >> he enjoyed himself. he was a -- i think he was very releaksed. i think he was very happy. i think he felt ready to go. he couldn't wait to get sworn in so he could get started to
4:02 am
sign those orders and right over to the cia and swear his people in. and then it was just a very happy time for all of us who agree with the fact that the country has to be changed. and you have this feeling that the people in government are going to be able to do something. you're going to be able to do all these things he talks about. nothing he said in his inaugural address is unrealistic. it isn't easy to do but everything he said can be done. steve: if you negotiate with the other side and his own side. >> yeah. yeah. and given the fact that you have elections coming up in two years. and you have got a lot of democrats in trump states, the room is there to get this done. let's compare it to reagan, which is what -- this inauguration reminded me of two inaugurations. one i was at and one i wasn't at. reagan and jackson. jackson i wasn't at because it was 100 and -- years ago.
4:03 am
ril jackson reminded belief the populism of it. i will delivered the government o to the people since jackson. brian: people in virginia like the jeffersons and madisons and didn't want any part of this guy basically brought up by entire town, entire village. he was outsider. he was raw. get into duels. >> said much worse things about jackson than they said about donald trump. anarchist, crook, all these terrible things. turned out to be a great president. it reminded me of reagan because it had that feeling of oh my goodness we can finally change it now. we can come up with sensible healthcare plan. we can have sensible tax rates. we can bring businesses back. and our military is going to be respected and it's going to grow and our police are going to be respected and going to be treated the way they should be treated. all the things we have been upset about for eight years we're now going to fix. ainsley: you have all these protesters. people complaining. mainstream media fake news
4:04 am
donald trump says. what do people really care about? is he bringing -- we did this story this morning with fox $7 billion into the united states. he is meeting with the union leaders. is he meeting with american business workers today, getting the job done early, day one. >> first of all, i think those are just angry at them trump haters. issues on which we are divided. there's the abortion issue. the issue of school choice. the whole issue of, i guess the way in which you deal with foreign policy. should would he be muscular or should would he be country that stands down the way we have under obama. you do have real issues. most of the people i saw in washington and most of the ones in new york as i got back in time, in fact, i drove up, i drove back. it took me longer to get from the tunnel to my house than it did to get from washington to new york all of fifth avenue
4:05 am
filled with -- i'm not even sure they know -- they are not protesting any one thing. it's not as if we are pee protesting roe against wade. brian: i don't get it i don't know what their complaint is. >> something's bad about trump. steve: right. >> whatever that is supposed to be. steve: they should have had the rally before the election. >> maybe they should have voted. they probably did in new york and they all voted for. brian: and they lost. steve: talked to a couple demonstrators on saturday they said they did not vote. this is their chance to be leader. >> demonstrated in washington before i left washington because i had to walk back from the inauguration. and these were a smaller demonstrators of the inauguration. and they weren't even necessarily protesting trump. they were just protesting washington. so i said well, you know, is he protesting washington, too. and they said oh, we never thought of it that way. brian: word was grab 15 of them and bring them to the white house to find out what they wanted to talk about.
4:06 am
they said by the time they got through security and their background collect it wouldn't have happened. let alone picking 15 to leave rally to come to the white house that was his instinct. let's find out what their problem is and see if we can solve it. no way kellyanne conway feels as though in representing donald trump yesterday which she will be doing for the next four years. she says this whole trend in the media is to attack him. she obviously is ready to fight back. watch much. >.>> we allowed the press to come into the oval office and witness president trump to sign executive orders. what happens almost immediately? a falsehood is told about removing the bust of martin luther king jr. from the oval office. >> all right. >> that's just flat out false. >> and it was corrected immediately. >> chuck, why was it said in the first place? >> i don't know. >> because everybody so presumptively tellingively. >> climb ahead of that order. >> no, excuse me, that falsehood that spread 3,000 times before it was corrected. >> it does not excould could
4:07 am
you say -- excuse me, it does not excuse and did you not answer the question. ainsley: the point is the media is looking for stories like this. >> a loot better if chuc -- feet better if chuck would admit they don't like trump, they are against trump and they're going to view facts in the light most unfavorable to him. look, i was on that show during the campaign under difficult circumstances any number of times, including all of the others. and my god the venom is enormous. they just don't like him. they're looking for things to pick on. you know, the size of the crowd. the reason that guy probably missed martin luther king bust is that's the preconception that he has of donald trump. steve: hungry for the story. >> saw the churchill bust back where it was which is where the martin luther king bust used to be. didn't bother looking around the room. he just assumed here's that, you know, and that's what it
4:08 am
leads to these charges of racism and it's all based on falsehoods. i don't know if they are going to get over it i don't know if they're going to. brian: i will say on meet the press chuck todd did give chuck shuman a hard time after that that might be the case. i'm not sure. other dangerous story was that happened with the cia. it turns out that among john brennan a lot of politics for a former cia director out of the job for one day. quote, after seeing the president speak in front of the memorial board there, the cia, all those names, those stars represent people that lost their lives. he said i'm deeply saddened and angered at trump's display of aggrandizement at the memorial wall of the agency heroes and he went on. >> well, first of all, brennan had become a political operative withins administration. i think part of the problem were the brennans. i know the people who work forth cia from the days i was there.
4:09 am
these are good, really, really hard work patriotic people. john brennan went there and said that to him. why didn't he read the whole speech how much he loves them. back them so much they are going to want him not to back them. the people laughed, applaud. felt really good he signaled out their agency to be the first one to come to. i mean, i can't see what that statement is based on other than his party. >> i the reason the president went to the cia was he was told i think on thursday by chuck schumer first day i'm going to give you mike pompeo and mattis. the night before schumer calls up and says i changed the deal you will not get pompeo. the reason they were in front of the memorial stars is that's the front door. that's as far as the public gets. >> yeah. i think -- and i think what he said was perfectly appropriate. the fact is he spent a great deal of time explaining how
4:10 am
much he thinks of them. how basically describing the truth, which is the disagreement is with the you were echelon all political people who had -- and these are reports in the "the washington post" and "new york times," not just me, who had been giving false reports to president obama about -- that possibly mislead him with regard to islamic terrorism. they were telling them what he wanted to hear. not the agents. novato the people working for the agency, but that group right in between which might include the one who made the comment brennan. brian: he did make that statement about -- remember, that's the same agency that got weapons of mass destruction. said there are weapons of mass destruction in iraq. that seemed to sting the agency. >> look, they did get it wrong. when you get something wrong, have you got to go back, figure out why did you get it wrong and let's fix it. well, apparently, when the president comes out there and isis is jv, not very much was fixed.
4:11 am
steve: someone says he got that from the cia. >> so somebody has got to fix it. fix it.oing to put somebody in these agencies, a lot of them are broke. the irs is broken. these are broken agencies. they need to be fixed. that is not attacking the people there. they had very, very poor leadership. it's like attacking an army when they have a general that doesn't know what is he doing and leading them the wrong direction. ainsley: the country you mentioned is broken. people either love or they hate donald trump. you talked about ronald reagan at the beginning of this interview. how long did it take him to brings the country together? and is that possible with donald trump? i. >> i think it took him -- first of all, he was unfavorable at the beginning of his term because of all of the cuts in programs and i would say two, two and a half years. and then by the time -- he got to his -- when he ran for re-election morning in america with '84. that's when the tax cuts really started to get felt.
4:12 am
that's why i would like to see them early. steve: sure. >> i would like to see both the business and corporate and personal tax done early so people get another 10%. 20%. 30% in their pocket. all those people who voted for him in the middle of the country, saw another 15 or 20 in their pocket. you would see popularity go up. steve: rudy, before you leave today, tonight, you are going to israel. >> i a. steve: why. >> i have a law firm. greenbergreenberg troweler. we have an office. steve: stop by and see anybody famous. >> i always do. i either stop by and have a meeting with or dinner with prime minister netanyahu who has been prime minister for 25 years. steve: do you have a message for donald trump from him. >> if i do. i can give the gin message which is i like you very much and we're very good friends. steve: there go. brian: very positive message.
4:13 am
>> they were friends even before. this is not a new relationship. but now obviously it's a much more important one. steve: all right, rudy, thank you very much. after a busy couple of days stopping by the couch and now to israel. brian: just ahead, president trump said he would start rebuilding obamacare day one. republicans are starting today. first step is a big one that directly effects you. we are live in washington on that story next. ainsley: built to honor our heroes. but since there is a cross on the memorial. atheists want it to come down. these veterans are, of course, fighting back. ♪ i'm a hero ♪ i'm holding on to a hero until the end of the night ♪ he's got to be strong ♪ and he's got to be fast ♪ and he's got to be from the fight ♪ i need a hero. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be.
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innovation runs on supercomputers... ...and supercomputers run on intel. you are super smart. and super busy. ♪ ooh! ufo! false alarm, eyelash! ainsley: republicans are taking the next step to replace obamacare this morning. brian: get. this two center senators will ul their healthcare plan at the capitol in just two hours. steve: kristin fisher is live in washington, d.c. with the details. >> good morning. republicans taking heat for trying to repeal obamacare without having replacement ready but that could start to change today when senator
4:18 am
susan collins and bill cassidy introduce the patient freedom act. think claim that bill would return power to the states, improve patient choice, and increase access to affordable healthcare for all americans. two big questions though. how will they pay for it and will this bill be backed by party leadership? i yesterday mitch mcconnell wouldn't say. >> do you know what the republican replacement plan is. >> we're working in connection with the administration. to have an orderly process of repealing obamacare and replacing it. >> on friday, just hours after he was sworn, in president trump signed an executive order directing government agencies to scale back as many aspects of the affordable care act as possible. then yesterday, kellyanne conway, counselor to the president, said that the trump administration may stop enforcing the individual mandate. that's the rule requiring that most americans carry health insurance or else pay a penalty. >> you want us to get rid of that obamacare penalty almost immediately.
4:19 am
because that is something that is really strangling a lot of americans to have to pay a penalty for not buying -- >> so president trump isn't wasting any time in trying to keep his campaign promise to repeal and replace obamacare. the question is can republicans on capitol hill keep up with limb? brian, ainsley, and steve? brian: that's the question do. they have the stamina. steve: thank you, kristin. >> do they have the energy. steve: exactly. high energy. brian: susan collins says i'm not going to vote to repeal unless rereplace. good to see she is taking action. steve: indeed. come up on this monday, a message stop playing politics and get to work. i think we're all on board with senator cory gardner's message. is he here live coming up next. brian: they sore outraged by president trump they flooded the streets. but they weren't mad enough to miss a good inauguration party the hypocrisy next. ♪ i can't go for that
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4:23 am
ainsley: time for news by the numbers. first $175, that's how much one millennial protester paid to get into inaugural ball hours after protesting the president. "new york post" said she wasn't alone in trading in protest sign for ball gown. many other marchers scoring tickets not wanting to miss a party. next, 36 states are part of a widespread syria nevada beer recall. the company pulling bolts off the shelves all across the east because glass shards could fall inside.
4:24 am
finally, two cents. that's that's how much more it now costs for forever stamps at the post office. the price rising from 47 cents to 49 cents. steve? steve: and they last forever. all right, thank you very much. secretary of state nominee rex tillerson picking up key republican support ahead of today's senate foreign relations committee vote. but some democrats are still trying to hold up the process. one of them democratic senator ben cardin from maryland who has just announced his plans to vote against tillerson. joining us right now is republican senator from the great state of colorado, corey y gardner member of the foreign relations committee today on tillerson. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning. steve: shocking. politics playing a factor here. at the end of last week, and you would know because you are a senator, apparently the senate had a deal with schumer. >> right. steve and the incoming administration that trump would get three of his nominees confirmed on the first day.
4:25 am
11th hour chuck schumer called of the trump people and said, what? >> well, that's exactly right there. was a deal to have these nominees put forward the national security team. and unfortunately i think chuck schumer caved to people who don't have national security interests at the best interest front of their mind. senator took a backseat to these people who want to play politics. unfortunately we only got two nominees through. they are very well qualified. this country can't afford to sit by while its national security team is not in place. steve: absolutely. so they just said okay, pompeo you are not going to get confirmed today. you are going to get confirmed on monday, this day as well. it's just politics. it was a numbers deal. they promised three and then at the 11th hour schumer says nope, you get two. >> this is highly unusual if you look at barack obama he had seven confirmations on first day in ossments. steve: did he. bush got seven he. >> clinton had a dozen or so confirmed on day one. this is politics and unacceptable.
4:26 am
over the weekend had there been a significant crisis obviously the president went to the central eadges agency. pompeo went with classified clearance not to direct any change or have any influence over the organization yet because they decided to play politics with confirmations and hold up the national security interests of this country. steve: i read this was pay bake for the fact that republicans held up president obama's pick for the supreme court. >> look, it doesn't matter what people want to say is paybacks for this or that. the american part-time went to the ballot booth on november 8th. they made a decision for a new government. people like jeff sessions voted for members of barack obama's cabinet on day one. that they are vilifying now jeff sessions. so this isn't about who said, she said. this isn't about who did what and paybacks. this is about doing what's right for the country. that's what ought to be the actions that the senate takes. steve: sure. of course if you watch the mainstream media, of course it's all about we're going to talk about some lawsuits, being filed against trump today because of that hotel down in washington.
4:27 am
and also the inaugural numbers. i don't know that anybody really cares, you know, in heart land america where you live where you came from and where i came from. they care about what donald trump promised. they care about jobs. they don't care how many people showed up at the inaugural on friday. if you look, barack obama had great big ghawrlg lot of people but a lot of -- a big attendance does not equal a great presidency. >> people in my opinion care more about a crowded guantanamo bay and a lot of terrorists there and off the battlefield. they don't care about crowd size at a rally or protest. steve: exactly right. what's going to happen with gitmo now that donald trump is president? >> look, i hope donald trump does a couple of things. number one, this is a facility tailor made more terrorists. put them in guantanamo bay where we will have a chance plans and thousand protect americans and american interests. and i his hope that he will continue to provide
4:28 am
transparency about the activities that have taken place around the globe after people who have been let out of that facility. we know that about 30% of tastes at guantanamo bay went back in to battle. we know that a dozen or so killed americans. these are not good people. i hope the american people understand that this is a facility that holds the worst of the worst offenders and now down to just a handful of people that can't be released because they sore dangerous. steve: absolutely. senator cory gardner from colorado. i hope you are wearing tennis shoes today because you have a busy day and week as well. >> in colorado we are always ready to go out and run. steve: i know that for a fact. corey, thank you very much. straight ahead, trump supporters are no longer safe from liberal harassment. not even when you are trying to fly home. >> that man doesn't believe in climate change. do you believe in gravity? >> my husband lost his life. have some respect.
4:29 am
>> oh boy. but the way this ends will you have cheering right along with the rest of the airplane. tom brady is going to another super bowl. but that's not what everybody is talking about. he carlie shimkus is live with the top trending headlines on this monday morning. you're watching "fox & friends." ♪ it's taking me higher ♪ higher ♪ higher up ♪ it's taking me higher ♪ [ male announcer ] imagine. what you wear every day actually making your body feel better, making your whole day better. that's exactly what tommie copper does for people everywhere coping with life's everyday aches and pains. they call it "wearable wellness," and tommie copper has infused it into everything they do. why not treat yourself well this new year? go to enter your e-mail
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mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. ainsley: millions of americans are waking up in the path of a deadly storm as an extremely dangerous system is barreling up the east coast. brian: tornadoes striking from texas to georgia, claiming at least 19 lives and prompt ago state of emergency in parts of the south. steve: so, janice dean is tracking the very latest with everything everybody needs to know as you head out the door on this monday morning. janice here in the northeast, an umbrella may not work.
4:33 am
today hurricane force winds in some spots january january feeling them up and down the coast. 30 to 40 mile-per-hour winds. let's take a look at the maps. we had over two dozen reports of tornadoes, 19 deaths. just a path of destruction. and all of this energy is moving up towards the northeast, the mid-atlantic, the worst of it actually coming overnight tonight. but we're going to see everything with this storm system, strong winds. we have hurricane force wind advisories for the southern shore of long island. meaning that winds could gust in excess of 70 miles per hour. interior sections of the northeast. heavy snow and in between that, freezing rain and sleet and it's just going to be a nasty 12, 24 hours. if you are traveling, be in touch with the airlines. i guarantee cancellations throughout the day today. already seeing wind gusts 30, 40 miles per hour. look at that as this thing moves up the northeast coast line. 70 mile-per-hour winds along the coast. we had coastal flood advisories in effect almost like a hurricane barreling up toward the northeast.
4:34 am
other big story, of course, is the west. where they are in some case up to the top three heaviest rainfall events of all time across the west coast and heavy snow there as well. a lot to cover. be careful today. back to you inside. ainsley: good advise. steve: all right. janice, thank you. ainsley: let's hand it over to heather childers who has headlines for us us. heather: stories we have been following for you. a woman not only berate as president trump supporter sitting next to her on a plane. even demands that the flight attendants move him. but she quickly finds out that's not how things work. >> i would like for him to change seats with someone who did not. >> i'm not going to get somebody -- you don't have that right. >> pretend you have the moral high ground but you put that man's finger underneath of your
4:35 am
heather: interesting. police eventually coming on board to remove the woman. passengers clapping and cheering u.s.a. as she left. a driver coming face to face with a heavy metal wrench that came flying right off of a truck and smashed right through his windshield. a dash camera catching the potentially deadly chain of events as glass explodes throughout the car. all of this happened on i-79 near pittsburgh. watch closely as the tool careens towards the passenger side of that oncoming car right there. giving the driver no time at all to react. he says he is going about 65 miles per hour at the time. luckily, amazingly, no one was injured. and heros who put their lives on the line to keep us safe now fighting for what is right. a group of veterans now providing daily security to a veteran's memorial at the center of controversy. why? because there's a cross on it. a city in minnesota deciding to remove the cross after
4:36 am
atheists complained. and vets are now guarding the memorial. some even spending several nights alone in the park to guard it from vandals. and finally, we are officially on the road to houston. tom brady heading to his seventh super bowl. the patriots demolished the steelers 36-17. they will face off against the atlanta falcons who smashed the packers 44-21. super bowl 451 kicks off in just 13 days. we just found out who is singings national anthem. >> hey, guys, it's luke bryan here. i'm so excited to announce that i will be performing the national anthem at super bowl 51. >> love luke bryan, country super star and huge falcons fan by the way. he will do the honors. this is the first man by the way to perform the anthem in 10 years. so now you know. that's exciting. brian: lady gaga at halftime wants to come from the roof. good news is we will be there to catch her. we are alieud to go to the
4:37 am
super bowl this year as a show. steve: as a unit, we'll be there. brian: i'm happy for the teams. because they get to see us in person. steve: really? brian: they will be very nervous. steve: they can see us right now if they have cable. ainsley: no in person he says. steve: meanwhile, naturally the internet goes wild over tom brady's huge jacket. wait until you hear what's being said this morning about that. look at the shoulders on this guy. ainsley: here with more on what's trending is he carlie shimkus. that's great. >> he sure was on fire last night. he still has to keep warm. did you see that jacket sniff that's unbelievable. well, they say that it has to fit his shoulder pads and everything. that's a little overkill. can you fit like 15 tom bradiebradies in that thing. social media thought this was very funny. steve: of course they would. a lot of deflate gate jokes. ryan tweeted the picture with the caption not sure how they got the deflated footballs onto the field without beings
4:38 am
ibeingnoticed. bobby tweeted the picture that feel when you are trying to sneak a bottle of jack past security like you are the bottle of jack. we know how you roll, bobby. this made me laugh out loud. photo shopped of brady making him a hot air balloon going up, up, um in the air. ainsley: when you are on the team i don't care what he looks like if this means we can go to the super bowl because his shoulders stay warm. brian: bob had to put up with his looks all these years to get to the super bowl. >> what a hard thing to do. brian: appearance ninth for the team. steve: something new with the administration of donald trump. we not only have a billionaire, businessman in the oval office, we have a grand pa. >> yeah. we sure do. and a lot of emphasis really has been put on the first family's wardrobe and what is be considering a fashion first. take a look at donald trump's jr.'s son. so the president's grandson tristan is 4 years old. he was rocking his teenage
4:39 am
mutant ninja turtles. i you i you making michelle obama that proud. he. ainsley: kid do eat three little things. >> donald trump jr. posted this with the caption i'm sure a lot of people have lunch in their teenage mutant ninja turtle pj's you know i do. this could be a first well done tristan. >> that's the shot of the day i say. steve: that's fantastic. tell us about the toddler who stunned social media with her version of dolly parton. >> yeah. i guess dolly parton has some competition from another adorable blonde except this little girl her name is sophia, she is 2. take a listen to her version of jolene. ♪ jolene ♪ please don't take my man ♪ darlene, darlene, darlene
4:40 am
♪ please don't take my man ♪ [laughter] >> that song is about 40 years old. it does prove it stands the test of time. brian: she is good. >> that's been viewed about 5 million times. ainsley: her mom must be a dolly parton fan. steve: she wasn't just singing she was doing toddler duties. >> multitasking. steve: carlie go to the radio. >> i will do just that. steve: thanks, carlie. ainsley: president trump throwing his full support behind the intelligence community. how will this new attitude change the war on terror? we'll take a closer look. brian: what do you got to do to get trump to cut you a $10,000 check? we will tell you the story of that man. ♪ ♪ "got no fear" by power solo
4:41 am
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steve: we've got some quick headlines. the troubles with school edition. first up i outraged over a middle school lesson that they say glorifies the its lack mick practice. seventh graders in georgetown, indiana given an assignment on sharia law, a set of guidelines followed by those who practiced islam. and the pc police out in full force at the university of miami campus reform snapping a picture of this display titled say what? students encourageed to confront people who use microaggressions. they are calling them out. some of the phrases considered offensive i don't see color, you speak english very well. and can i touch your hair. those now officially microaggressions at that
4:45 am
school. brian: president trump visiting the cia with an important message. >> i want to let you know i am so behind you, and i know maybe sometimes you haven't gotten the backing that you have wanted, and you are going to get so much backing. there is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the cia than donald trump. brian: how will the president's word translate into action especially on the war on terror? let's ask dr. james mitchell he developed the enhanced interrogation program. got a best selling book on that and served as one of their interrogators he is author of that book enhanced interrogation. let's talk about that. donald trump criticism for not -- for talking a little bit off topic when he went to the cia on saturday. but can you contrast that to what barack obama did when he took the presidency? >> yes. i am optimistic that he actually will have their back. the reason for that is the contrast between what obama did and what president trump
4:46 am
has done. in the run-up to obama's first term, he was calling the cia officers who put their lives on the line to interrogate the terrorists who were criminals and saying that they had tortured people. and then his second full day in office he, in front of a bunch of retired military folks, no cia officers shut down the black side and essentially emasculated the intelligence community's capability for interrogating terrorists by instructing them just to the army field manual. the local mall cop down the street from me has more capabilities for interrogating terrorists than our intelligence officers. brian: what did that do for the intelligence stream that you were able to benefit from from the bush years? what did it do when president obama took over? >> well, when president obama took over, what it did was it made people risk averse. the first thing did he was launch a witch-hunt of the people who had been involved
4:47 am
in trying to protect americans. he stacked the doj with attorneys who were sympathetic to the terrorists and then set out to find somebody to prosecute. brian: very important difference between the two. some are looking at two minutes they didn't like on president trump's address but compare it to the actions president obama took. and then, get this. this from niksha pirro, representing former director brennan's feelings about the speech that donald trump gave. brennan says is he deeplyddenedt trump's despicable display of self-aggrandizement in front of the cia's wall of memorial heroes. says trump should be ashamed of himself. is that appropriate for a director? >> i'm disappointed in what he said because i think my experience with the professional intelligence officers is they want to not have politics be part of this. and any sort of movement on
4:48 am
the part of these directors and these other political appointees to politicize the agency is a horrible thing. because you're asking these people to put their lives on the line. and you need to have their backs. you need not to be focused on the political goals of whoever put new office. brian: if you want to know what enhanessed interrogation did, what it was, and how we benefit, pick up jim mitchell's book. bottom line is you don't get bin laden without jim mitchell. jim, thanks so much. >> thank you, sir. brian: all right. coming up straight ahead. what do you got to do to get donald trump to cut you a $10,000 check? ask this guy. he is live with his incredible story and that is next. first, let's look back. this day in history 1980, michael jackson was topping the charts with a hit called "rock with you." i have never heard this song before. so could someone make it louder ♪ sunlight ♪ i want to rock with you ♪ all night ♪ i'm going to rock the night
4:49 am
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there's more in store than you imagine. visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. ainsley: a sings gel father from illinois who volunteered for the trump campaign surprised with an invitation to meet with the president on inauguration eve. and that wasn't the only surprise. here to tell us more is that volunteer shane bouvet. good morning to you, shane. thanks for being with us. >> hey, good morning. i'm just so honored to be here, so blessed. i appreciate you guys having me on. i really do. ainsley: of course. of course. tell the folks at home what happened to you on friday and how you ended up getting to washington. >> um, actually, i was with some friends and we thought that, you know, we would go to new york and visit trump tower. so we were going to trump tower and we visited. i wanted to get a picture outside of it.
4:53 am
and then we started heading back and i got a call from one of trump's staff. they called me and said that donald trump read "the washington post, and he was inspired by it and wanted us to give you a call. and after that it just -- wow, it's just so touches. i'm just so blessed with the opportunity. we ended up getting v.i.p. tickets to watch the concert. i was just blessed with that i was just so happy that i got to be there and just witness history and see donald trump become our 45th president. ainsley: that's great. >> this was an honor. ainsley: for folks who did not read "the washington post. what was the story about? how did donald trump get the attention of you? >> oh, well i ended up having -- i'm just a single dad, that lives paycheck to paycheck. i had to have the whole community to come together to make this possible. i had a few suits that i picked up at goodwill and things like that. i had a teacher step in and
4:54 am
they wanted to make it -- because i never went to a presidential ball before. i have neff been exposed to something like that. they just really wanted to do something great. they said shane you need a nice suit i said i never owned one before. they walked into men's warehouse and bought me a nice suit. i'm blessed that people like that are -- i'm just so blessed. i just couldn't believe it. you know, i got a nice suit. ainsley: so you volunteered for donald trump. you fell on hard times. you are a single dad. you get a ticket to go to washington. you're sitting front row at the concert because donald trump put you there after reading that article and learning your story. and then what happened when you were sitting there. >> we sat there for another two hours just watching everything. i was so abused. i couldn't even believe it and well anyway. ainsley: brought you back stage. >> he was 20. and he came and this secret service guy came and i don't know how old he was. but he said hey, i need you to
4:55 am
come with me. and i started walking and i seen this big huge white circus tent. i just had this blessed feeling. and i felt like god was with me on this journey. he really was. ainsley: you come face to face with the president and melania? >> yeah. i walked into a tent and they all started clapping. and -- wow, i can't even explain it. ainsley: then you called your dad. your dad is a big fan. tell me about your dad. >> my dad is fighting cancer right now. and he is going for another chiechemo treatment next friday. donald trump if you are listening right now i want to thank you. ainsley: we will all be praying for your dad. we have a video clip of what happened behind the scenes. let's watch this. >> you have great guy here. you take good care of him. self going to take care of you actually, i think. right? [inaudible] >> you just take care of yourself. if i can do something, you let
4:56 am
me know, okay? okay, don. take care of yourself. here's shane. ainsley: he said shane, if i can do anything, let me know. and then what happened next? >> well, we just kind of -- i just was in the moment. and, wow, it just was -- i was just looking around, just, wow, i can't even really explain it into the words i want to right now. i'm just so blessed and humbled to be a part of that. ainsley: didn't he give you funding to help your dad with his cancer? >> yeah. he turned around to his aid and he said write him a check for $10,000. i was like wow. ainsley: that changed your life it? >> changed my life. it really has. is he such genuine, caring, loving person who just really cares about the american people. for what he did for my dad and gave him that extra fight, i don't know how i would ever repay him. thank you donald trump for everything you have done for my dad. and i just want to personally thank you. ainsley: great story. >> great guy and going to be the best president of the united states. ainsley: shane bouvet god
4:57 am
bless you and your dad. we have a great show ahead. former white house press secretary ari fleischer all live coming up ♪ so why so serious? rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can reduce joint pain and swelling in as little as two weeks, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections.
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5:00 am
>> a vicious week ahead for president trump. >> there's an obsession by the media to delegitimatize the president. >> what happens to the president almost immediately a falsehood is held. >> but corrected immediately. >> chuck, why was it said in the first place? >> i don't know. >> my god, the venom is enormous. they just don't like him, and they're looking for things to pick on. >> millions of americans waking up in the path of a deadly storm that has claimed at least 19 lives. >> i have been in bed, nothing is as bad as this. >> i have thought an awful lot of blowing up the white house.
5:01 am
>> the so-called march no women was full of hate and outrage. >> touchdown. touchdown. touchdown, atlanta. the atlanta falcons nfc champions onto super bowl 51. the flea flicker. touchdown. the new england patriots have a date with atlanta. new england's going back to the super bowl. steve: poor tom brady. just not enough in his life is going the right way. ainsley: i wonder if he gets tired of winning. he's gone nine times? brian: yeah, as a franchise. last year peyton manning eliminated him and this year he's going with the suspension.
5:02 am
there's a chance that the rodger goodell will be handing the person he suspended for six games the trophy. ainsley: doesn't weather come into play? brian: the thing is you have a dome in atlanta. and a dome in houston. steve: meanwhile it was the super bowl on friday for newt gingrich because the guy he supported for president of the united states won. newt, there had been a lot of things going on in the last 48 hours, but today it starts in earnest. donald trump has done a lot of things over the last year and a half that he would like to do and today's the day that he gets to try to do the stuff; right? >> that's right. and frankly, it's going to be a very exciting week. i think you're going to get a much deeper sense of what a trump presidency is like. by the end of this week, it's going to have a lot of action, a lot of impact, he's going to push the senate very hard where chuck schumer's been totally obstructing.
5:03 am
they'll gradually with mitch mcconnell's leadership with more cabinet officers have a very, very important vote later today on rex tillerson, who was going to be a great secretary of state. but they've got to get him out of the committee and onto the floor. so it's going to be a very busy week. brian: yeah, i think he's going to start off, meet with paul ryan twice today, going to meet with business leaders, and then the senate is going to bring forward a replacement plan for obamacare. so they're moving on all different levels. the other thing you just brought up. i was under the hope that senator schumer was going to be more compliant than harry reid but so far it has been anything but. he auto actually might seem worse. >> well, schumer is announced pressure. when you have george soros funding some apparently 50 organizations that came together to fund these various demonstrations on saturday. the pressure for schumer to be
5:04 am
left wing is enormous, and he's caving into it. the fact is that he basically laid down a line that's hopeless. he's only going to support a supreme court nominee that he approves of. well, he ain't president of the united states. he didn't get elected. it's a nutty and indefensible position. ainsley: what do you think of mainstream media? it's obvious now when you watch some of these networks that they're not happy with trump. steve: what? ainsley: and over the weekend kellyanne won way was talking about trump and talking about the fake nize and the time magazine reporter said that the mlk statue bust was removed from the office, which turned out to be not true. they had to retract and then apologize. listen to this, and we'll get your election. >> we allowed the press to come into the office and witness president trump signing executive orders. what happened almost immediately a falsehood is told about removing the bust of martin luther king jr. from the oval office.
5:05 am
that's just flat out false. >> and it was corrected immediately. >> chuck, why was it said? why was it said in the first place because. >> i don't know. climb into the head of that reporter. oh, no. no. no. that falsehood that spread 3,000 times before it was corrected. it does not excuse, and you did not answer the question. so that is, mr. speaker, she starts out nice enough to say we were nice enough to let the go in the office and then focusing on something that's not even true part of the decoration of the white house. >> well, first of all, talk about mainstream propaganda. they're not news stories. they're not news outlets. they're all propagandists for the left. that comment about the statue was a big deal because it was underlining that trump is a racist at a time when america had a lot of racial tension.
5:06 am
it was exactly false and divisive. and for chuck tried to shove it off, it was total one-sided bias for the news media. i'm giving a speech at heritage today at 11:00, that will shock some people, between trump, lincoln, and thatcher. because all three ended on host hostility. every day they're going to have absolute hostility from the propaganda wing of the left. steve: of course. and i think one of the members of the administration said, you know, maybe we should reevaluate our relationship with the press. you know, and how this white house maneuvers around them and deals with them. what about the suggestion a week or two ago ago that they move out of the brady briefing room, which used to be the white house swimming pool, and go into a much larger place to accommodate a lot more journalists? of course the journalists hate
5:07 am
that because then they lose their west wing office. >> well, first of all, i think it would be good to move them to a place where there's a lot larger auditorium. second, just as an example, i would allow one-fourth or one half of the people at the press conference to be citizens. steve: what? >> see? why is there this presumption that somebody who calls themselves the press even though they're total left-wing propagandists, they're somehow privileged creatures. the question is should people be allowed to ask questions of the white house? why does that have to be only the news media or why does it only have to be the washington media? steve: so are you suggesting kind of like a town hall with some journalists in it? >> sure. right. why -- here's the way the game is currently played. there's a tiny group, i think it's less than 5% of the total white house press core that's allowed in that room over and over and over again. there's an even tinier group that sits in the front two rows every day.
5:08 am
now, these people become precious and special and important because we see them on tv. and then they begin to think they should judge the president. look, reporters are voyeurs. the president of the united states has a real job, does real work. he or she takes real risks. reporters are like sports reporters who sit up there in the booth and tell you what they think about whether or not the 40-yard pass was good enough. they couldn't throw the ball 40 yards if their life depended on it. brian: take that, joe buck. when you think about guys in history equate, and you're auto doing a series of trumpism for heritage. people were talking about andrew jackson was not accepted by the upper echelon of society, they thought he was too craft to be president. what about teddy roosevelt? they thought he was a wild man that couldn't be trusted. >> well, jackson was a westerner, he had been a military general as well as a governor and senator, and he
5:09 am
was totally outside the establishment. the first great antistatement victory is andrew jackson in 1828. and since -- i have said over and over again -- that a large part of trumpism relates to andrew jackson. theodore roosevelt was an accidental president, and i've always said if you take teddy roosevelt's energy, jackson's disruption, and pt barnum sales energy, you get what donald trump is all about. but your point's right. although in theodore roosevelt's case, he was so successful. remember, the teddy bear is named after him. it was originally teddy's bear. he may have been the most popular president other than washington at his peak. brian: there you go. ainsley: when we were leaving the inauguration or the weekend after we were reporting, all of these women were coming onto the mall. some men but mostly women we saw. we were leaving, we were walking through them.
5:10 am
madonna was there, the like a virgin singer. brian: and poppa don't preach. ainsley: yeah. she said this on the stage. >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house, but i know that this won't change anything. steve: she was reading that. ainsley: what was your reaction? she thought about blowing up the white house? >> well, she is parallel to the young fascists who ran around town breaking windows, all who should be given the maximum sentence. i had friends who couldn't leave the hotel because the demonstrators broke through the police line and were bottling up the people in the hotel. i had other friends who were hassled trying to get to the inaugural address.
5:11 am
the truth is she ought to be arrested for saying she has thought about blowing up the white house. brian: they are investigating her. steve: they're going to see whether her intent -- newt, she says that one of her statements -- that one obviously -- was wildly taken out of context. ainsley: she wasn't promoting violence. >> right. brian: she's a peaceful perso p. >> look, i love the left. when they say i dreamed about blowing up the white house, they didn't mean i dreamed about blowing up the white house. they actually mean yellow, purple, banana, but they didn't want to say that because it was too shocking. gi me a break. news people now understand she's at risk. just like that professor at missouri last year who asked for some muscle to get rid of the reporter that was a conservative. ainsley: what she said is worse than anything that they don't like donald trump for. i mean, what he says is mild in comparison to that. i mean, that is an assassination. >> well, look, no, she didn't say she wanted to blow up donald trump, she wanted to
5:12 am
blow up the white house. ainsley: well, what would that mean? that would be a loss of life. >> well, you would think so. you would see four to eight years of a cultural civil war. it is not going to go away. it is going to get worse. people like george soros are funding it on their side. it is going to be exactly what lincoln faced. i didn't include jackson because he frankly won so decisively, the establishment collapsed. but you do have in this case of trump and thatcher and lincoln real examples of this kind of problem, and i think we need to rel axe and understand. this is just the fight we're in. brian: right? >> if you don't do what the left wants, they claim the right to break your window, harass and intimidate you, and dream about blowing you up. brian: and while we were on this topic, i was able to cover one of the balls, and it was the ball that was put on by the american legion, which had 42 medal of honor recipients at it and ryan manning and amy were both harassed. steve: both star families.
5:13 am
brian: as trying to enter. >> sure. brian: travis was ryan's brother and amy lost her husband brendon in afghanistan. gold star family members being harassed and braided. >> you can't probably buy it this morning. we need to understand these are young fascists. exactly like the fascists that were in europe that believe they have the right to use force, use violence to intimidate. they do it on campuses all the time. the number of young people i've talked to who were intimidated for saying they're for donald trump by their teachers who are being paid by the taxpayers, we are faced with a new left-wing fascism, it's showing up all over the country, being supported by george soros is others, they hate what they see going on, and they claim they have the right whether you're a gold-star family or president of the united states, they have the right to attack you. steve: well, let's see if this
5:14 am
department of justice under donald trump decides to take them on. newt, thank you very much. >> right. steve: straight ahead, he's starting his first official day in office and liberals say they already found a scandal. what's sad about? ed henry has a lawsuit coming up next
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
5:18 am
brian: donald trump's third day in office but keep in mind, this is the first work day. but many liberals say he has already violated the constitution. ainsley: one watch dog group is so convinced, they're going to sue him. steve: chief national correspondent ed henry is live in washington d.c. with the latest on this lawsuit that crew plans to file later today. ed. >> well, that's right. good to see you, steve. we should remember crew is a liberal watch dog group. they have gone after republicans on capitol hill for many years. now obviously aiming their fire at the new president donald trump. and it's interesting because he was just at his hotel in dc, you'll remember, before the inaugural. having launch with vice president mike pence and other leaders. and part of this suit is charging that it's a violation of the constitution, the clause that donald trump they say is accepting gifts from foreign entities who are either buying up hotel rooms, using his resorts, using of
5:19 am
his golf course. now, the trump administration pushes back saying these are not gifts. if a foreign entity is staying at a hotel room at a trump hotel room here in dc or anywhere around the world, they're paying for a service. it's not a direct gift. nonetheless you can see when trump sits down and negotiates trade deals with these countries, the american people will have no way of knowing whether he will also be thinking about the profits of trump the businessman. now, this lawsuit timed well to get a lot of attention on some of the other morning shows. you can see how this has been the lead story for many people this morning because this is donald trump's first full work day in terms of a weekday business day. and so it was dominating talk early this morning what donald trump himself did, though, obviously took to twitter, as he often does, not talking about this. instead talking about what he has in terms of a jam-packed schedule. quote busy week planned with a heavy focus on jobs and
5:20 am
national security. top executives coming in at 9:00 a.m. to talk manufacturing in america. now, you've been talking as well about kellyanne conway in addition to what she said about this push back from these liberal groups. he said he's not going to give up the tax returns because that was litigated in the campaign, and he won. steve: the crew group, what they need to do? get a history book. george washington sold wheat to the british. plus a whole bunch of government lawyers have looked at this. they feel trump is in the clear. so let's see. ainsley: this is the guy who doesn't really need the money. he spent all of his own money, not taking a salary. steve: and going to donate all the money from the treasury from that hotel. ainsley: right. brian: matt says he's going to work with president trump to make the world a better place. i'm sure his friends in hollywood won't mind that. ainsley: and niger farage is now a close adviser to
5:21 am
president trump. so what's his -- he's live to weigh in face to face with the british prime minister next why do some cash back cards make earning bonus cash back so complicated? they limit where you can earn bonus cash back to a few places... ...and those places keep changing every few months. the quicksilver card from capital one doesn't do any of that. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. leave complicated behind. what's in your wallet?
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steve: we have got some good money morning headlines for you. first up, abbott sending the message to the sheriff with one city that isn't up board on locking up suspects who is in the country illegally. an immigrant has to be accused of murder or sexual assault to keep them behind bars, he says. the governor responds in a tweet by saying they will cut funding, stiffer penalties coming. and finally a hollywood star
5:25 am
who wants to work with president trump. the martian star matt damon is hoping the president will meet with him to talk about the clean water act. the actor says it's a partisan issue and needs a all hands on deck approach. ainsley: trump to meet with british prime minister teresa may later this week. the president has a key ally from the brexit movement. >> i would like to think in my own little way that what we did with brexit was the beginning of what is going to turn out to be a global revolution and that trump's victory is part of that. brian: and had crowd roars. nigel ferrage is said to be helping trump. what do you feel you guys did
5:26 am
help donald trump what he did? >> i think it was an inspiration. i think the fact about brexit was that the entire establishment, including nearly all the liberal media said that brexit couldn't happen. said that brexit shouldn't happen. said that brexit would never happen. and despite all of that, the little guys, the davidson managed to beat the goliath. and i think for team trump and for activists that were involved in that campaign, it gave a great inspiration. and it said to voters who thought you know what? we want change. but it never happens. so what's the point? well, if it could happen in britain, maybe it could happen in the usa. and what you know? it did. ainsley: you played a part in this election. what will be your role now with the administration? >> that remains to be seen. i mean, i obviously i've got some reasonable good contacts within the administration. some people i've known for several years. and, you know, unofficially,
5:27 am
you know, i am here. i'm an insider, particularly, with the european union. i've been part of that machine, the european parliaments in 1999. we have some major events in europe that will unfold in 2017. and if i can help with advice and knowledge as to what's going on, i'll be very happy to do so. steve: how would you advise donald trump. you've got the liberal press in britain. first your story was look at all of these members in congress. they're not going to show up for the president's swearing in because some feel he's not the legitimate president. and then you have the thing with the statue, winston churchill hill, your guy, and then the count of the inaugural, and then the lawsuit suing trump. so your advice to washington regarding the media would be. >> i know that they've been attacking the media.
5:28 am
frankly i think what would happen is that the trump administration has so much to do that perhaps what they need to start doing is what increasingly the viewing public are doing and that is just ignoring them. these organizations who effectively behave like political players themselves and actually the people, the people are interchangeable, aren't they? and they're losing audience share. they're declining, and they will go on declining because what they're showing with the behavior towards trump. and let's face it. today is his first full day on the job. and the kind of negative stories they're running showing they're bad losers, they don't respect the democratic process, and fair-minded people will stop watching those channels, in my opinion. brian: right and frankly most people in america chose to watch fox news for the inauguration coverage. >> of course. of course. brian: prime minister weighed in on donald trump's inauguration. here's what she said.
5:29 am
>> i think his inauguration speech was -- had a very clear message to it, which was the message that he gave during his campaign about putting america first. but if you think about it, any leader, any government as we do here in the united kingdom, we ensure that we're putting uk's interest and the interest of people first. brian: so someone interpreted america first as the heck with you, world. she says i understand what he's getting at. do you? >> oh, completely. and, look, he also in the speech talked about old alliances being reforged. now, you know, a very old alliance between our two countries. a very important alliance. an alliance without which we wouldn't have had a free world after 1945. so we've done great things together in the past. it's very sad that obama quite willfully trashed that sole proprietorship what's going to happen at the end of this week the first global leader trump will meet is teresa may, and i
5:30 am
think this is very good news for both of our countries. the fact that you put your country first is logical sense. you put your family first. but that doesn't mean that you can't corporate with the next door neighbors and do things to the mutual benefit. steve: well, the british are coming. the british are coming to dc. thank you, nigel. ainsley: thank you, nigel. steve: meanwhile here it's 8:30 here, a woman beraids a trump supporter. the way this ends is going to have you cheering right along with the rest of the airplane when she was booted off. ainsley: and new white house press secretary sean spicer coming out swinging against the mainstream media. >> been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold donald trump accountable. and i'm here to tell you it goes two ways. we're going to hold the press accountable also.
5:31 am
ainsley: our next guest knows what it's like to take on the press. adviser to george w. bush is here.
5:32 am
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brian: welcome back. white house press secretary sean spicer comes out swinging in his first statement with the press. >> there's been a lot of talk with the media about the responsibility to hold donald trump accountable. and i'm here to tell you that it goes two ways. we're going to hold the press accountable as well. ainsley: our next guest knows what it's like to take on the white house press core and has some advice for sean spicer before his first official briefing later today. brian: joining us right now former press secretary to george w. bush. welcome back.
5:35 am
>> great to be back. brian: so when we see sean spicer the very first time. a very combative way. he didn't take any questions. your thoughts on how you would handle that? >> i am no stranger fighting with the press. it's part of the job as the press secretary. i do question in this instance why they picked a fight with the size of the crowd over the inauguration. it's the wrong fight. steve: plus the bust of churchill. >> that was a legitimate fight. but it wasn't a saturday night special play. and this is where trump must have said to sean fix this. get out there. and sean felt the squeeze and the pressure that the president can impose. brian: when you're the president, and you order the press secretary, what do you do in between the walk and the order? >> well, the first thing you have to do is organize your facts. get information to buttress the president's point of view. in this instance, i think what sean could have said is from where the president was standing, the president's point of view the mall looked
5:36 am
packed. and that's what he thought, and it wasn't reflected in the coverage. but as soon as they get statistics and facts, they're going to fact check the press secretary. so don't use a fact, a stat unless you're 100% certain you've got it nailed down. ainsley: all right. what do you think about the media now? mainstream media has been extremely brutal and not fair and given opinions. did you deal with that? >> every republican deals with it. it's always the away game when you're a republican in the white house and home game when you're a democrat. it just comes with the territory. and this is where donald trump has leverage. a poll came out and said trust by american people fully, fairly, and accurately is at an all-time low. and this is where the press is vulnerable. donald trump should be wise about how to use his leverage over the press. he should use it where he has high ground such as accused him of removing the bust. don't use it about an issue nobody cares.
5:37 am
steve: and that's one of the reasons he's going to keep his twitter account rather than go into the brady briefing room, just get on twitter and said, hey, that thing you just saw on nbc was a load. >> and i have no problem of him tweeting. it will be sean to elaborate on the tweets. nothing wrong with that. nothing wrong with the press core as well. but be sure you're accurate and be sure you're covering things that people care about. i think the press should push back on that. ainsley: the room holds 49 spots for the media. do you think he should make the room bigger? >> absolutely. steve: you would? >> one is make it take off live tv. embargo it. steve: because it makes it a tv show. >> where the press performs and the white house performs. the second thing i do is democratize the room.
5:38 am
rotate reporters through there. brian: so this week abc or fox is out and other weeks buzzfeed is in? >> what i would do is the existing mainstream press core, on thursday dot-com world left and right. i would love to put batter next to. mainland america, different cities in america. steve: we had newt on a little while ago, and he suggested flinging ordinary people. >> i'm fine with that too. there is nothing magical about those 49 who get those seats. it's the way the press was in the '90s it has kept it going today. steve: because they want to keep their offices. they want to keep their power and she couldn't has should keep their offices, steve. i will say that. if they ever try to put them out of the basement, the symbolism of that will be very antifree press. i oppose that. but i don't mind taking them on and rotating them. brian: would you reach out to sean spicer and say --
5:39 am
>> i'm always happy to help sean. sean's a confident guy. he knows what he's doing. but i will always be happy to help sean. steve: and he's a tough guy. he made it clear the day before yesterday if they say something inaccurate in this case of martin luther king, not just going to let it fester out there and wait until next time. i'm going to go out there and say, hey, you blew it. >> and this is refreshing about the trump white house. they should push back on the press and donald trump has a way and style pushing back that i've never seen before. but do it right. brian: did you talk to 43 about his impression of the speech? >> no. i haven't talked to president bush since the speech. steve: although, we did also have nigel farage on, and he suggested sometimes maybe you just ignore it. whatever's out there, you just ignore the story, move on. you have bigger fish to fry. >> look, this is the white house. they can pick any fight they want and make it a fight. pick the fights that matter. brian: all right. thanks. ainsley: let's hand it over to heather who has some headlines for you.
5:40 am
hey, heather. >> hello. we sure do. starting with this computer glitch halting all nationwide united flights for several hours overnight. now, the airline tweeting out this. blaming an it issue, which grounded more than 200 flights. united now saying that everything is back up and running again. but, yes, travelers should expect some delays. a woman not only ber rates a president trump supporter but even demands the flight tenets move him. but she quickly finds out that's not how things work. >> i would like for him to change seats with someone -- >> i'm going to get somebody -- well, you don't have that right. >> pretend you have the moral high ground, but you put that man's statement. but that man doesn't believe in climate change.
5:41 am
>> so police eventually coming onboard to remove the woman, and you can hear passengers clapping and cheering usa as she left. president trump showing his true generosity. one of his campaign volunteers, a single father living paycheck to paycheck and caring for his sick father. making it to the inauguration thanks to some help from his community, who raised money from him to buy shoes and a suit. and then the surprise of a lifetime actually meeting the president. shaken joined fox and friends earlier saying that it president trump's generosity didn't stop there. >> he turned on, and he goes write him a check for $10,000. and i go wow. for what he did for my dad and give him that extra fight. i don't know how to repay him. >> shaken saying the gift changed his life. and finally the super bowl showdown is all set. tom brady heading to his
5:42 am
seventh title game. the patriots demolished the steelers. 36-17. they will face the atlanta falcons who, by the way, thrashed the packers. super kicks off in just a few days. and we find out who is singing the national anthem. >> hey, guys, it's luke bryan here, and i'm excited to announce i will be singing the national anthem at super bowl 41. >> and huge falcons fan luke bryan will do the honors. the first man to perform the anthem in ten years. and those are a look at your headlines. back to you. steve: that's great. brian: thanks so much. appreciate it. when we come back, we've got breaking news on what the president will be doing today and what executive tords sign. he's a man of action. he's going to prove it with his pen surance surance by switching to geico. i should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico can help you save money
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5:45 am
theseare heading back home.y oil thanks to dawn, rescue workers only trust dawn, because it's tough on grease yet gentle. i am home, i am home, i am home steve: all right. we just got
5:46 am
word that president trump will sign an executive order later today to withdrawal the fraughts transpartnership. the tpp. brian: white house correspondent joins us with details. >> hey, you're right. what should be part of an ambitious week for president trump. also going to be meeting today with business and labor leaders. i'm going to ditch the glasses. the rain is flying in sideways. but to say the least, this is part in partial to say making the promises he made on the campaign trail and trying to keep the promises as quickly as he can as he makes his way into office and his very first full day in the white house. let me also share on what we expect to unfold this week. it should be a very busy week for the president. he's going to talk about obamacare. in fact, he has a meeting with congressional leaders to talk about that, as well as more executive action perhaps this week on immigration and on trade and including, obviously, the tp. he's if we couldn't to meet with british prime minister teresa may and begin renegotiating nafta.
5:47 am
and then also filling in the cabinet, which hasn't been easy, at least thus far. the president did swear in key members of his team over the weekend. his pick for secretary of state, rex tillerson, you've heard a lot about him, there's been criticism about alleged ties, it looks like he has enough support. same can be sade about mike pompeo, nominee to head the fbi. he will make it despite fighting on capitol hill. >> navy seal, i worked on some of the most hostile places on the planet. and believe me when i tell you a good can we, that was that was the best part of our day. >> we call it the swamp cabinet. the number of people with conflicts of interest and the number of people who have disagreed with what trump has complained on is so much more than any other cabinet we've seen. >> unbelievable to be able to confirm the president's entire cabinet. that's great enthusiasm. >> even rex tillerson who
5:48 am
three republicans have expressed reservation. >> i'm optimistic we'll get every member of the cabinet. >> the always thorough chris wallis talking about the opposition or at least what appeared to be opposition but as you probably also heard support on fox news, it looked like boston lindsey graham and john mccain are onboard for rex tillerson, which means he should be able to make it to the post. by the way, 9:00 meeting i'm just told the pool is gathering out here. business and union leaders meeting with the president. i'll tell you more about that later this morning. but for now, back to you. steve: all right. get to work, kevin. sharon: and clean those glasses. ainsley: thanks, kevin. people are buzzing about a former navy seal's business. >> i'm a navy seal. i worked at, make no mistake about it, hostile places on the planet. and believe me when i tell you a good cup of coffee, that was often the best part of our day. that's when i started. ainsley: and now he has his eyes on the white house. that navy seal is live here next. brian: but let's first check in with bill because i haven't
5:49 am
seen him in a while, and he says he has a show starting in 12 minutes. >> i missed you. day one, what is on the agenda? it is loathed. we'll tell you what you need to know from washington. and the left and the opposition started already had a deal with a divided nation on day one. why does this administration only have two cabinet members approved? we will get to the bottom of that today and a about i go day for obamacare replacement. the two senators set to reveal their plan. we will talk with one of them live when shannon and i see you 11 minutes away top of the hour on day one.
5:50 am
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>> i'm a navy seal. i worked in some of the most hostile places on the planet. and believe me when i tell you a good cup of coffee, that was
5:53 am
often the best part of our day. that's why i started victory coffees. we are a veteran-owned, veteran-operated business who's only mission is to give you a great cup of coffee. ainsley: founder of victory coffees has hopes of becoming the official coffee of the white house. brian: cade is here with us now. now, the last time i saw you, you were on shark tank talking about this coffee. >> that's right. we were on a couple of weeks ago and one of the best things in the world happened to me. i didn't get a deal. the sharks don't get it. i told them don't underestimate the power of patriotism. and i'm, like, absolutely. and i have people that go we want to prove the sharks wrong. we want victory coffee to be there and they're, like, we made a huge mistake. brian: and you would like victory coffee to be the official coffee of the who's. i love this. you can't send the troops to war without coffee uncle you
5:54 am
want to lose. >> this stuff is more important than a helmet and kevlar. you're not going to get much done. ainsley: tell us about your coffee and what makes it so special. >> i'm the only coffee company, veteran-owned coffee company in the world that's award-winning coffee company. there are three easy makes to make. we have a french press right there. you simply put that down. we have what's called a poor over. so if you just want to make one cup at a time. steve: that's how they do it fancy in new york city. >> and then these things are cool. why park your car, why wait in line, why pay five times as much for a bad cup of coffee when you can do the do it at home with your wife, husband, kids. brian: and these are all american made. are these beans from america? >> they aren't but they're all organically grown, and we bring it from central and south america.
5:55 am
brian: the world's strongest k cup? ainsley: when did you start the company? >> about 18 months ago. and, folks, people talk about let's support troops, help the vets. it's a really simple way to do that. steve: okay. if somebody would like to get a package like this of victory coffee, what's your website? >> ainsley: here's the thing. we do so many stories of veterans who come back and can't find jobs. donald trump is going to focus on that. he's going to focus on the vets who are self medicating and back on the battlefield if that's what they want. why wouldn't you buy this coffee because you have sacrificed so much for your coffee, and i hear you're going to be hiring vets. >> we're taking it two steps further. number one we're going to create an all veteran sales force. they're going to get out there, deploy them, and they're going to sell amazing coffee. number two. by the end of this year, we're going to have victory coffee available for free in every va hospital in the united states. steve: no way.
5:56 am
>> so even if these folks have to wait for their doctor, they're going to be enjoying a victory. ainsley: so what's the message for donald trump? >> mr. president, i challenge you to allow victory coffees to be the exclusive coffee of the white house. we will not disappoint. steve: maybe just start it out as a trial. >> oh, i'll send you samples, sir. brian: jacked up over the weekend, so maybe he has you coffee already. >> we have decaf for you. ainsley: you know what? he might actually give you a call. he has a reputation of calling guests and say i'll help you out. >> thanks for your time. steve: once again the website is. >> brian: there you go. take that, sharks. >> who knew the shark tank was full of coffee? back in a few minutes
5:57 am
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>> korey >> meanwhile, on the internet next. >> bill: good morning, everybody. 9:00 in washington and a new era begins in our nation's capitol. president donald trump kicking off his full first week in the oval office with an from day on. we're hearing mr. trump will sign an executive order withdrawing the united states from a controversial trade agreement. that came up in the campaign on both sides. bernie sanders, donald trump, you remember it the trans-pacific partnership. we're back in new york and welcome everybody at home. we had a good trip to washington >> shannon: a little road trip. i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum. a busy day for president trump. he sat down with business and congressional


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